The Kitchen on Fire



Presented by Michelin-starred chef Marc Veyrat and Frédérique Courtadon, "The Kitchen on Fire" is a passionate talk show about our food, our products and our consumption habits. In an uninhibited atmosphere and surrounded by the cream of the experts, Marc Veyrat leads the dance and invites us to attend a rare moment of sharing around culinary pleasures. From Pierre Hermé to Périco Légasse, Hugo Desnoyer, Flora Mikula, Raphaëlle Marchal, Philippe Poulachon, Gabrielle Vizzavona and Jean-Bernard Magescas, lovers of cooking engage in polemics, duels, jokes, good deals, and deliver also their anecdotes of leaders and tricks. In short, love and good food ... Which is shared without moderation. In the spirit of “Les Grandes Gueules”, this weekly talk show different, entertaining, controversial, tells you everything about what you are not told around 2 debates, 1 trick, 1 duel and 1 tasting.

Technical sheet

  • Type : Entertainment, Lasts
  • A production : Enibas Productions
  • Timing : 45min
  • Production : Ben Cap / Georges Gonner
  • Animation : Marc Veyrat, Frédérique Courtadon
  • Channels : My Cuisine
  • Broadcast year : 2017 / 2018
  • Website : Voir le site

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