Tout Compte Fait



« Tout compte Fait » is broadcasted every Saturday since september 5th 2015 on France 2 and hosted by Julian Bugier. This show is highly influential to the viewership about the rise of new economies our habits.

« Tout compte Fait » unravels the inner workings of this revolutionary system, by telling the stories of the french people who buy differently and the stories of these state of the art businessmen and women

All and every sectors are concerned : from real estate to fashion, going through transportation, hobbies, foodstuff and education. "

« Tout compte Fait » tackles every week a theme which relates to all of us, through surveys, reports, portraits, investigations and immersions.

Think different, imagine, discover, share, breath, to better understand the society of both today... and tomorrow.

Technical sheet

  • Type : Lasts, Magazine
  • A production : Enibas Productions
  • Timing : 52 minutes
  • Production : Nicolas Ferraro
  • Animation : Julian Bugier
  • Channels : France 2
  • Broadcast year : 5 septembre 2015
  • Website : Voir le site







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